Regency Greenfire Pellet Stove Review

June 2, 2020 By Mark Drisdelle

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Regency GF55 is a high-end and low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and pretty exotic wood pellet stove that burns efficiently. You can easily customize it to match with the décor of your room, and it also comes with optional nickel and antique copper door overlays. 

It is more of a self-standing model and despite its high price, it still is a pretty decent stove. It functions quietly and emits delightful heat to make your indoors cozy.
Being somewhat persnickety about things I can honestly tell that this wooden pellet stove is like no other.  It offers you the ambiance, luxury, heat, user-friendliness, and everything for your money.

The Regency Greenfire GF40 Pellet Stove




The Regency Greenfire GF40 was designed using a large bay ceramic window. This large window really gives you a scenic view of the fire burning inside its chamber.  Its cast-iron brick panels with complimentary classic pedestal design give it a luxurious touch and add more décor to your indoors.  Apart from being compact in size, it is fairly easy to unload and load to your desired spot. That being said, let us take a look at its design features.

Design Features of Regency GF55


This Regency stove model is pretty attractive to all. Not only that, but it also has the durability and reliability; thanks to the cast-iron brick liner

Size & Overlay:

Needless to say, this model has a pretty large arched bay door to give you a wonderful view of the burning fire and a black door overlay that looks glamorous


There is a hidden door handle and also a recessed hopper lid handle for safety purpose

Standard Features

Heating Capacity: 

This Regency model is available in different heating capacities that range from 12,000 to 45,000 BTU’s. You can choose the desired unit as per your needs


 One thing that makes it worth every penny is its amazing heating efficiency of 83%, which means that fewer pellets are burnt and more heat is produced


It comes with a 300-Watt auto igniter, which can be activated just by a push of a button. This is for your safety and it really saves time rather than manually igniting your stove


Another cool feature is its large 55lb. the hopper that comes with an easy access lid. You can fill the hopper with pellets and relax for a very long time. However, the question of how quick the pellets will burn out depends on the setting you choose


It has three different modes. There is a switch on its main panel that you can use to change its modes. There is a manual control mode and two thermostat control modes

Convection Fan:

It comes with 160CFM convection fan, which is great to evenly distribute the heat throughout your home

Area Coverage: 

This wood pellet stove is perfect to heat a home of up to 2,000 sq ft.

Additional Information & Specifications

  • Moke: Greenfire GF55
  • Fuel: Pellets
  • Capacity: 2000 sq. ft.
  • Max BTU: 45000
  • Type: Stove
  • Style: Traditional
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Ignition Type: Automatic
  • Colors: Black, with optional antique copper or antique nickel door overlay
  • Thermostat: Optional
  • Efficiency: 83%
  • Hopper Size: 55 pounds
  • Width: 24.5"
  • Height: 31.125"
  • Depth: 24"

Key features worth mentioning: 

  • EPA Certified
  • Comes with an air wash system that keeps it clean
  • Standard variable speed blower
  • Limited Warranty by the manufacturer


Our Verdict

If you are looking for a high quality Pellet Stove, that has good durability and a sleek design, then look no further then THE REGENCY GREENFIRE GF40 PELLET STOVE . Of course, you may need to pay a premium. 

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