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Pellet Stove Prices

Pellet Stove Prices – How Much Do They Cost?

On average, pellet stoves cost anywhere from $1,700 to $3,000 for the stove and roughly $150-$500 for its installation cost. 

But keep reading till the end to know how much they cost, and what you should be looking at to pay for it. 

Pellet Stove Prices

No doubt that pellet stoves are a great way to heat homes, apartments, condos, etc. during winter months. They sure do operate at a whopping 75%-85% efficiency rate, and the fuel used consists of reprocessed wood and some plant-based materials that gradually release through its hopper system. 

Some pellet stove models offer multi-fuel alternatives. In that, they are capable of burning nutshells, small wood chips, and corn kernels. 

Because of the variety of sizes and styles that the pellet stoves are available in, its price varies accordingly. Moreover, other factors also determine the stove’s price, such as the size of its hoppers; it is a top-fed or bottom-fed unit and is it a new or old model. 

As a whole, pellet stoves are available as freestanding stoves and as inserts that nicely fit inside your existing fireplace and other built-in designs inside your house. 

The usual pellet stove price ranges from $1,000 to around $5,000. 

Let us now take a deep look at how different factors will affect the overall cost of your pellet stove. 

Cast Iron vs. Steel

Pellet stoves come in two main materials: Cast Iron and Steel. Though there isn’t much big of a difference when it comes to the performance of both, cast iron tends to hold heat a little better than steel. 

The only difference between the two materials is their cost and looks. 

Cast iron pellet stoves are usually molded and have pretty stunning curves. They also come in different colors with a beautiful enamel finish. 

Steel stoves, on the other hand, are mostly welded together. They are plain and are always black.

Though cast iron stove holds heat together for longer, steel wood stoves tend to heat the room quicker than the cast iron. 

Another difference between the steel and cast-iron stoves are the joints on the cast iron stoves that are usually sealed up with the help of bolts and caulk. It also requires extra maintenance to prevent any leaks. Whereas the steel stoves are welded shut, so there is no risk of leakages. 

As a whole, cast iron pellet stoves tend to be more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that they will cost you 20-30% more as compared to the steel ones. Overall, they both provide heat with very little difference between their performance. 

Despite the high price, the majority of the homeowners would prefer a cast iron stove because of its aesthetics. 

Cost of Installation

The cost of installation of pellet stoves ranges between $300 and $1000. If you are going for a free-standing pellet stove, it would require installation in a wide-open area. Moreover, it needs to rest on some heat resistant hearth pad to prevent any damage to the flooring. This will incur an extra cost of $40 to $300 for hearth pads. 

Usually, a pellet stove doesn’t require any chimney. You can use a 3” or 4” pipe and redirect it out a side wall or through the ceiling. The cost of using a short horizontal vent is usually less as compared to the one that is running through the chimney. This is because of the length of the pipe that is required. 

Majority of the homeowners prefer to install their pellet stove vent, and unless you feel comfortable and skilled enough to cut a hole in the side or rood of your house while ensuring that everything is sealed tightly, it is always a good idea to leave the venting process with the professionals to handle. 

Pellet Stove Inserts

The pellet stove inserts slip into your fireplace. They use your existing fireplace as the venting system. It means that you do not need to cut any additional holes at the time of installation, which will reduce your overall cost. 

Moreover, the fact that it sits inside the fireplace means that you do not need any hearth pad to protect the floors. Bear in mind that if your hearth doesn’t extend far enough from the front of the stove, then you will need one. 

Because pellet stoves require electricity to operate the thermostat, unit’s fan, and circuit board, if you already don’t have an outlet nearby, you will have to spend some money on that or do it yourself. 

It is highly recommended to have a battery backup power supply as well in the event the power goes out due to any reason. The cost of installing a new electric outlet can range anywhere between $150 to $500. 

Cost of Pellet Stove Fuel

As the name tells, pellet stoves require wood pellets that are made using compacted sawdust and some other byproducts that come from milling and manufacturing of lumber. 

Since wood pellets are made from waste materials, they are environmentally friendly, and they also possess a very low moisture content, which means it allows them to burn smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently. 

Wood pellets do not produce any creosote buildup, and they produce very little ash as compared to wood. On average, you would have to fill your pellet stove with wood pellets at least once a day and clean it every week. Do check out our pellet stove maintenance guide, where we have discussed the cleaning process as well. 

A normal 40-pound bag of wood pellets can cost you anywhere between $4 to $6, but how long one bag will last will depend on the outside and inside temperature conditions and how well insulated your building is. 

During extremely cold temperatures, it is very common to use a bag per day or even more. So, don’t stress yourself out if you feel like using too many pellets in just one day. 

Because of that, the majority of the homeowners prefer to buy pellets by the ton, which is equal to 50 bags of 40-pound wood pellets. 

On average, a ton of wood pellets would cost you between $250 and $300, but it might be a little high or low. The average usage for a home with a pellet stove is usually between two and four tons per year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do pellet stoves work?

A: Pellet stoves work by burning wood pellets that are made from sawdust, wood, and food waste. As a result, they produce heat. A thermostat is attached to the stove, which allows you to adjust the temperature. There are two fans also that help in maintaining a steady temperature and vent the exhaust outside. 

Q: How much do you use pellet stove costs?

A: Buying a used pellet stove can save you as much as $1000, but be careful when buying one. Check the quality and condition of the stove. It may seem like a good offer but you never know if it breaks down faster. Moreover, some used pellet stove models are discontinued, and finding their replacement parts is a big pain. 

Q: How much electricity does a pellet stove uses? 

A: Pellet stoves require, on average, 600 watts at startup, and they can go as much as 14,400 watts per 24 hours. The main components of the stove that use electricity are its thermostat and the fans. 

Q: How long does a pellet stove last? 

A: Most pellet stoves can last up to 20 years, given that proper maintenance was done on a timely basis. 

Q: How much does a pellet stove costs per month?

A: This depends on how frequently or how much you use your pellet stove during the entire month. For instance, a 40-pounds bag full of pellet fuel usually lasts for 24 hours. If you are running your stove for only 4 to 5 hours per day, you would be spending around $35 to $100 only on its fuel. The cost of electricity would be additional and would vary depending on the location you live in. 

Q: How to get the best price for a pellet stove? 

A: If you have made up your mind for buying a new pellet stove, don’t just go out there and throw your cash in the air. Take your time and do the research properly. Identify your needs and then match them with the best model that is available on the market that meets them. We highly recommend investing a little extra to buy a durable and high-quality model that lasts longer and performs better. You can also keep an eye out on those summer deals when the pellet stove prices are down. Take advantage of it. 


Undoubtedly, a pellet stove is a great and big investment. It will help you keep your indoors warm without breaking your bank on the energy bills. 

All you need to do is take care of its maintenance, and you can expect it to last for up to 20 years without causing any problems. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. We’ll be happy to help you.


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